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I am Matthijs de Goede and I am 18 years old and living in the Netherlands.
I am a professional texture designer and a learning 3D modeller. I am making extra downloadable content for simulation games. For Euro Truck Simulator 2 in special. I can realize all your Virtual Trucking Company needs and I can make replicas from real Trucks, Trailers, Map objects and many more! 
I strive for perfection and I've got an eye for detail.
My ambition is to get better with modding and make people happy with my work!

Due to lack of time, I am not into public modding anymore. Most of the mods I make are private requests that I make for a particular person or organisation. People or organisations who want me to make such a tailer-made mod must expect a fair charge for my services.
Feel always free to donate me if you enjoy my free to download modifications!  

On this website you can find all of my work.
Some modifications are private but others are free to download. When clicking on a specific mod, you will be redirected to a modsharing site were you can find more information and were you can download the mod. Please note that not all modifications are for Steam users or for Non Steam users. Some links are linked to the Steam Workshop and others to ETS2.lt or annother mod uploading site. Contact me for more info!

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