Welcome to Celik Global Group

Welcome to the Official Celik Website!

We are Virtual Transporting Company since 2015 7 years of experience

of Logistics, Warehousing and Transport International and national having

modern Fleet of few month's old, and least 5-6 years old, Minimum Euro 5

and Maximum Euro 6D Emission Class Trucks. with Newest Krone and Schmitz Trailers so does American too we are located in Belgium, Hungary and Turkey,

on otherside of the Ocean, we are Located in California, Kansas and North-Carolina

States, Contact us for delivering your Cargo in no time at High Quality Transport

from your door to your given destination adress

we have over 800 Employee at the Offices and More than 600 Drivers

on the Road, everyday day and night, in all Seasons of the Year.

Celik Groups:

Celik Logistics (Europe)

Celikoglu (Turkey)

Celik Trucking (United States)